Funeral services - Price

At the moment, we are working on a full price list for your convenience. In the meantime, today you can find brief information about our prices for services and goods. Also below are the prices for complex services.

Funeral arrangements-from 4500 UAH.

Cremation – from 5000 UAH.

Ritual transportation-from 1300 UAH.


Prices for ritual transport rental

    • Economy transport-from 1300 UAH
    • Standard ritual transport (Mercedes minibus) – from 2500 UAH
    • Premium transport (Chrysler, Lincoln hearse) – from 4800 UAH

Prices for funeral wreaths

  • Artificial flower wreaths – from 300 UAH
  • Wreaths of fresh flowers-from 4000 UAH (according to your personal sketch)
  • Wreaths of live wild flowers-from 4500 UAH
  • Wreaths of fresh flowers with roses-from 5500 UAH
  • Funeral bouquets of fresh fresh flowers — 1200-1500 UAH

Prices for funeral crosses

  • Metal crosses-from 700 UAH
  • Wooden crosses-from 390 UAH
  • Handmade wooden crosses-from 4000 UAH

Prices for coffins