Wreaths of fresh flowers

Since ancient times, among the Slavic people, wreaths of fresh flowers have traditionally been laid on the grave of deceased people. Our ancestors considered the funeral of young people the so-called “wedding with death.” That is, the funeral for them was a kind of holiday. Therefore, wreaths of fresh flowers were made very lush and large. They were laid near the heads of dead people. In modern times, a funeral wreath of fresh flowers has also not lost its relevance.

A funeral wreath is a ritual way to show your feelings for the deceased, to reflect sorrow and pain from the loss of a loved one.
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The ritual bureau “Relic” guarantees each customer a perfectly selected composition and only fresh flowers in a funeral wreath. All wreaths of fresh flowers are collected after placing the order. You can always buy wreaths of fresh flowers from us with delivery in Kiev at an affordable price. Each product is created by a professional florist by hand.

You can always order an exclusive ritual wreath of fresh flowers or choose based on existing models.

Important! Frame of fresh flowers, on the back of the wreath is tightened with fabric. There are blocks with water for freshness of flowers on wreaths.